soo sleepy

Imma take a nap, these days are getting too long…

Got Fat Bro

LOL i think i gained 5 pounds in just 2 weeks of school. wtf. gotta hit the gym more. lmao. But I guess its a good thing too, almost fit the Honos jacket. :)

LMAO. wtf is this haha.

You know you’re a suburban asian when you got one of these instead of a treehouse when you were a kid.


So hot today. Over 100 degree. I hate NC.


True facts

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Anonymous asked:
r u a faggot? heard u like magic mike

Ur gay, Gorgeous George. Fo’ the record, I was tricked by some ppl to go, I thought it was some tight new movie like “Like Mike” with Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan and shiit. I left like a quarter into it and sneaked into a more suitable movie.

This song is pretty good, came up on Spotify. I dont typically like country songs but i like this one lol.

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Van gogh.

dats sick brah